Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween on the Run

If you know anything about me you will probably see that I don't have a build for a runner. I've never been the athletic fact you would typically find me running for a bag of chips instead of running for exercise. I've been the type that always says, I Can't run!" In fact, I have a good reason to say that...I have horrible feet that don't do really well with running. My husband is very fit and has often encouraged me to run. I still thought I can't run...too fat, too this, too that. Well, I saw the Biggest favorite show for many seasons. I saw a man who had so many health conditions it wasn't even funny...finish a marathon...yes folks a marathon...he didn't do it in great time..but he did it. It lit a spark in me that I have to say has went dim many times...but I pick it up...I finally started on a treadmill....last year I was determined that I would run it but injured myself with plantar fascitis and only walked. If the Lord grants me the strength...I'll be running a 5K next Saturday on Halloween...I will fill like I've finished a marathon even though it's only 3.1 miles. So, finally I'll win won for the not so Barbie body running with all her heart to do something great for herself! I finally said I Can!